Between 1908 and 1942, Sears sold 100,000 homes that were delivered in kits consisting of 12,000 pieces. While Sears is no longer in the business of making prefabricated homes, a number of technology-driven startups have picked up the mantle and are now delivering new kinds of kits, which, once they’re put together, make modern homes. In the first episode of a 6-part series on the future of homebuilding, Andrew interviews some of the most innovative companies that are reinventing the way we think about prefabricated housing.

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Andrew Dickson
CEO of Acre Designs

Bill Haney
Co-founder & CEO of Blu Homes

Jack Armstrong
Executive Director of SIPA

Matthew Stannard
Former CEO of Stillwater Dwellings

Tom Sandonato
Co-founder of kitHAUS

Deepak Aatresh
Founder of Aditazz

Heidar Sadeki
Co-founder of Richardson Sadeki

Kurt Christy
Managing Director of Blue Sky Building Systems

Michael Logue
Founder & CEO of Wallabe

Thomas Robinson
Principal & Founder of Lever Architecture

Image courtesy of Blue Sky Building Systems