While Nest wasn’t the first company to offer a smart thermostat, its first product quickly developed rock star status. Nest helped turn the thermostat — a relatively forgettable device — into a sexy offering that made consumers excited about other devices that would be offered as part of the smart home. Honeywell, a company that has long dominated the traditional thermostat market, is now going head to head with Nest in selling smart thermostats. In the third episode of a 7-part series on the future of the smart home, Andrew examines how an industry titan is able to maintain its lead in the smart thermostat space and what this means for manufacturers of smart home devices in other verticals.

Scott Harkins
VP IoT Partner Programs Honeywell Connected Home & Buildings at Honeywell

Blake Kozak
Principal Analyst at IHS Markit

Neil Strother
Principal Research Analyst at Navigant

Paige Leuschner
Research Analyst at Navigant