Andrew Dickson

CEO of Acre Designs

Andrew Dickson is founder and CEO of Acre Designs, a startup creating zero-energy smart homes with a unique approach to prefabrication.

By treating homes like a product, Acre considers themselves site-fab, not pre-fab. Acre focuses on simplifying the build process for both homeowners and builders by manufacturing kits that provide a system to improve speed, labor costs, and quality. By utilizing the existing builder networks across the US, Acre can deliver on the promise of lower pricing than pre-fab, while reaching more markets than traditional pre-fab manufacturers.

An interior architect and industrial designer, Andrew is expert at solving design challenges. He led projects for UBS/PaineWebber, AON, Loreal, Rubbermaid, Bass Pro, Embraer, Piaggio, Aerion, and many more. Andrew founded Acronym Designs, which produced high end sustainable furniture and sold throughout North America.

Acre was recently funded by and participated in Y-Combinator, the world’s leading startup accelerator.


The Rise of Factory-built Housing: Episode 1

Between 1908 and 1942, Sears sold 100,000 homes that were delivered in kits consisting of 12,000 pieces. While Sears is no longer in the business of making prefabricated homes, a number of technology-driven startups have picked up the mantle and are now delivering new kinds of kits, which, once they’re put together, make modern homes. In the first episode of a 6-part series on the future of homebuilding, Andrew interviews some of the most innovative companies that are reinventing the way we think about prefabricated housing.

Images & videos courtesy of Acre Designs

Predicting Our Future