The Future of Homebuilding

In an age where virtually every product is built in a factory, why are new homes in America still built by local contractors? Will all homes eventually be built inside of factories at a fraction of the current cost? Can we construct beautiful homes in factories that are more energy-efficient than ever before?

In six episodes of Predicting Our Future, Andrew Weinreich explores how people can save 50% on the cost of building a new home, how factory-built construction can address explosive global population growth, lessons that homebuilders can learn from automotive companies, and the journey from designing to financing a modern homebuilding factory.

Aaron Holm
CEO of Blokable

Andrew Dickson
CEO of Acre Designs

Austin Williams
Director of The Future Cities Project

Behrokh Khoshnevis
Inventor of Contour Crafting

Bill Haney
Co-founder & CEO of Blu Homes

Chris Sharples
Founding Principal of SHoP Architects

Deepak Aatresh
Founder of Aditazz

Ed Mahoney
Co-founder of Cocoon9

Hansbert Ott
Managing Director of Weinmann

Heidar Sadeki
Co-founder of Richardson Sadeki

Jack Armstrong
Executive Director of SIPA

Jared Levy
Co-founder & CEO of Connect Homes

Jeffrey Liker
Professor of Industrial & Operations Engineering at University of Michigan

Jen Carlile
Co-founder of Flux

Joseph Tanney
Founder of Resolution: 4 Architecture

Kurt Christy
Managing Director of Blue Sky Building Systems

Matthew Stannard
CEO of Stillwater Dwellings

Michael Logue
Founder & CEO of Wallabe

Michele Francovigh
Lead Project Engineer at Fincantieri

Mimi Hoang
Co-founding Principal of nARCHITECTS

Pat Fricchione
President & CEO of Simplex Homes

Reza Nasseri
CEO of Landmark Homes

Robby Kullman
General Manager of Capsys

Roger Krulak
CEO & Founder of Full Stack Modular

Ryan E. Smith
Associate Dean for Research of the College of Architecture + Planning at University of Utah

Steve Glenn
CEO of LivingHomes and Plant Prefab

Thomas Robinson
Principal & Founder of Lever Architecture

Tom Sandonato
Co-founder of kitHAUS

Zhang Yue
Chairman of Broad Group

Image courtesy of Resolution: 4 Architecture

Predicting Our Future