The Future of Online Voting (Preview)

Twice in the past twenty years, the winner of the popular vote has lost the U.S. presidency. Is that the reason why voter turnout has significantly declined since the 1960’s? What can be done, short of a constitutional amendment abolishing the electoral college, to increase the number of Americans who vote? Would online voting, which is currently being piloted in a number of countries, increase voter turnout in the United States? If so, what are the technology challenges that need to be addressed in order to securely deploy an Internet voting system?

In 3 episodes of Predicting Our Future, Andrew Weinreich explores whether online voting can help reinvigorate the American electorate by speaking with top computer scientists, technologists, and political scientists. Tune into this comprehensive podcast series to hear an overview of the benefits, risks, and current implementations of online voting.

Episode 1: Can Online Voting Defeat The Broken Electoral College?

Episode 2: Hacking Elections, DDoS Attacks, & Online Voting Around the World

Episode 3: Disinterested Voters & 500,000 Elected Officials

Adam Ernest
CEO of Follow My Vote

Antonio Mugica
CEO of Smartmatic

Dan Wallach
Professor at Rice University

David Dill
Professor at Stanford University

James Simmons
VP of Elections Operations at Everyone Counts

Jordi Puiggalí
Chief Security Officer and SVP Research & Security at Scytl

Thad Hall
Subject Matter Expert at Fors Marsh Group

Predicting Our Future