Roger Krulak

CEO & Founder of Full Stack Modular

With over 25 years in the construction industry, Roger has extensive experience on both the construction and development sides of the real estate business. Prior to starting FC Modular within Forest City Ratner Companies, Roger spent 7 years at Forest City Ratner Companies as SVP of Mixed Use and Residential Development, entitling and planning over 1,000 residential apartment units integrated into many of FCRC’s retail projects. In 2008 Roger spearheaded the first R&D project for Modular Construction, which led to the creation of FC Modular, and subsequently, the creation of a factory and business to build the tallest volumetric modular building in the world.

Roger’s experience makes him uniquely qualified to lead a groundbreaking industry change like the movement to off-site built construction for large-scale urban multifamily construction. As a recipient of the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award in 2014 for his work on the creation of a high-rise modular process, he has been publicly recognized as a leader in innovation. Roger also sits on Singapore’s International Panel of Experts for Construction Technology.

The Rise of Factory-built Housing: Episode 4

In the summer of 2016, the world’s tallest modular building at 32 stories high was completed at 461 Dean Street in Brooklyn, NY. Once the building’s apartment modules were completed at a factory located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, they were transported to the development site and essentially stacked one on top of another into a high-rise building. To the dismay of its original backers, the building was delivered years late, riddled with construction problems, and the subject of a costly litigation. Still, excitement about modular construction in New York abounds with new projects under development.

Images & video courtesy of Full Stack Modular

Predicting Our Future