The Future of the Smart Home

The concept of a home endowed with a brain of its own isn’t a new one. But until recently, the smart home was an idea relegated to the realms of fantasy and science fiction. Today, with cheaper and more powerful sensors, increased computer processing power, the spread of broadband Internet access, and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and machine learning, a futuristic vision of the smart home feels within reach. In the near future, will we witness a shift from a home that we take care of to a home that takes care of us? Will our homes understand our needs before we even know what they are?

In 7 episodes of Predicting Our Future, Andrew Weinreich covers the origins of the smart home and the startups and technology giants that are competing to control the smart home’s future. Tune in to hear what some of the most exciting companies are doing and where opportunities lie for entrepreneurs to launch new products and services in this space.

Episode 10: Smart Homes & IoT: A Century in the Making
Episode 11: Searching Kickstarter for the Next Killer Smart Home Product
Episode 12: Honeywell Vs. Nest: The Battle for the Smart Thermostat
Episode 13: Designing A Smart Lighting Plan: Voice Control, Presence Detection, & Light Switches
Episode 14: Your Home’s Operating System & The Artificial Intelligence That Will Power It
Episode 15: Amazon, Walmart, & The Home That Shops for Itself
Episode 16: How Homes Powered by Artificial Intelligence Will Know You and Take Care of You

Daniel Rausch
Vice President, Smart Home at Amazon

Keith Menezes
Senior Manager, Growth & New Ventures at Walmart

Kit Klein
VP of Engineering at Wink

Scott Harkins
VP IoT Partner Programs Honeywell Connected Home & Buildings at Honeywell

Jeff Patton
General Manager, Connected Home Products at GE Lighting

Sridhar Kumaraswamy
Senior Vice President and General Manager of HUE Home Systems at Philips Lighting

Neil Orchowski
Product Development Manager – Strategic Alliances at Lutron’s Caséta Wireless

Nayeem Hussain
Co-Founder & CEO of Keen Home

Chris Klein
Co-founder & CEO of Rachio

Christopher Calisi
CEO of Cambridge Sound Management & Founder of Nightingale

John Barrett
Founder and Director of Nimbus Centre at Cork Institute of Technology

David Rabie
Co-founder & CEO at Tovala

Nils Mattisson
Co-founder & CEO of Minut

Derek Richardson
Co-founder & CEO of Deako

Cliff Rosen
President of Whole Home Control

Blake Kozak
Principal Analyst at IHS Markit

Neil Strother
Principal Research Analyst at Navigant

Paige Leuschner
Research Analyst at Navigant

Stacey Higginbotham
Freelance Journalist & Host of the Internet of Things Podcast

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Predicting Our Future